Торгово-экспедиторская компания СПЕКТР

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Company Spectr was founded in 2007.

Company SPECTR

There is a certificate of admission to the implementation of international transportation of goods by road (MKG 78 000516), as well as a license for domestic transportation (GSS 78 804826) and for the transportation of dangerous goods in international traffic

In 2003 the company «DISCOVERY» joined the Association of International Road Carriers (ASMAP, RUS / 053/21175).

The presence of its own fleet of 25 trucks, that meets all European requirements, all are equipped with GPS and communications.

Highly qualified drivers with extensive experience in cargo transportation.

The annual volume of cargo is over 60,000 tons recorded.

Contact information

TEK Spectr

Russia, Saint-Petersburg, 194014
Sapernij per, 10
E-mail: kontrakt@spectr.biz
WWW: https://www.spectr.biz